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Introduction to the new ICO GDPR Standard: What you need to know

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has just approved an official GDPR certification standard, LOCS:23. This new standard has been specifically developed for legal services, aiming to assist law firms and chambers in meeting their UK GDPR obligations.

This is the first ever official legal sector standard recognised by the ICO for GDPR.

Introduction: What do you need to know about LOCS:23?

  • What LOCS:23 is and its importance for the legal industry
  • The benefits of achieving the certification
  • How we can help you through the process and what it entails

Speakers and approved implementors of LOCS:23:

  • Orlagh Kelly – Founder and CEO
  • Chris Kelly – In-House Barrister
  • Ben Murphy – In-House Barrister

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LOCS:23 Consultancy Services Available

Interested in LOCS:23 for your Chambers?

To learn more about this Certification and how it might benefit your organisation, please get in touch: view our LOCS:23 page.


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