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Whether you are looking for our expert team of barristers to conduct a deep dive of your organisation and produce a bespoke action plan, or you would simply like to use our DIY audit technology tools to carry out your own compliance checks, we can assist.


What is a GDPR audit?

Most organisations will have achieved some level of data security or GDPR compliance already, but for barristers or chambers wanting the peace of mind which comes from professional oversight, Briefed offers a full end-to-end solution.

Our experienced team of barristers will work with the various departments in your business to conduct an analysis of your operations, identify, analyse and fix your data processing and put in place a comprehensive governance framework, including a set of policies and systems, which will ensure you achieve robust compliance quickly.

For smaller organisations, or sole traders who have limited data processing activities, you may prefer to conduct an audit without the help of our barrister team. In this case, you can use our DIY audit technology which will lead you through a comprehensive questionnaire and highlight any key areas of risk, which you can then work through to address in-house.

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