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AI & ChatGPT: Opportunities and Risks for Barristers and Chambers

With AI technology being rapidly introduced to workplaces across the legal sector, it is increasingly important for those working in chambers or law firms to understand both the risk and opportunity that this presents.

Barrister & CEO of Briefed, Orlagh Kelly, presents an overview of exactly what ChatGPT & AI is and discusses the potential opportunities and risks for barristers and chambers in a world where AI has now become mainstream.

Introduction: What is Chat GPT?

  • See Chat GPT in action with real barristers & clerking scenarios in a live demo.
  • Chat GPT & lawyers – examples of where it has already gone wrong
  • Examine potential opportunities that ChatGPT & other AI tools present to barristers & chambers.
  • Examine the risks and limitations of ChatGPT when used by your team.
  • Listen to real-time barrister feedback and insights from various areas of law.
  • Explore the future of ChatGPT and AI within Chambers.

Thank you for the interesting discussion. I think the technology is already impressive and agree with the recent comments of Professor Susskind that AI will profoundly change the legal landscape but not for some years. I can personally see me being done out of a job and some I have spoken to think that all the most basic cases will be dealt with by AI creating a void of experience for junior barristers.

(Barrister, Chambers)

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E-learning and In-House Workshops Available

Interested in AI & ChatGPT Training for your Chambers and Law Firms?

After conducting industry workshops and understanding the key issues for those working in legal businesses and chambers, we have developed both e-learning and in-house workshops to address these concerns and highlight opportunities where this technology can be introduced to improve the efficiency of your chambers, law firm or individual practice.

To learn more about this training and how it might benefit your organisation, please get in touch: hello@getbriefed.com


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