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Briefed & Bridging the Bar: Breaking Barriers Together

We’re proud to announce the launch of a new partnership with Bridging the Bar (BTB), a non-profit charity that aims to support barristers from a range of statistically underrepresented groups at the Bar.

Bridging the Bar: Their Vision

Bridging the Bar are committed to increasing the equality of access to opportunities in the legal profession and promote diversity and inclusion at the Bar. They are on a mission to break down these barriers and create equal opportunities for the underrepresented which previously may have hindered their progress and work towards providing valuable training at the Bar.

This includes supporting 100 aspiring barristers with self-development workshops, interview advocacy training, one-on-one mentoring, a mini pupillage programme and shortlisting candidates for a paid internship programme every year.

Briefed: Our Vision

As an organisation who creates, develops, and builds Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training modules that are tailored to the Bar, we recognise the vital need for diversity and inclusion in the legal field and feel akin to the Bridging the Bar mission.

Our very own CEO, Orlagh Kelly, recognises that her own personal journey of challenging the barriers within the Bar has been driven by the realisation of the lack of representation, especially within her place of home in Northern Ireland where she faced a number of obstacles. With determination, she persevered and established a successful career as a family barrister for over a decade before eventually creating her own company.

Bridging the Bar & Briefed: The Collab

The online format of our training programme is particularly advantageous for Bridging the Bar pupils, as it allows them to access the material at their own convenience and includes real-life examples that is specific to barristers – this approach ensures they are kept engaged and helps prepares them for real-world legal challenges.

By combining our expertise and resources, we hope to create a partnership with Bridging the Bar that presents a significant step towards a more inclusive and diverse legal profession.

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