GDPR Barrister Certification 2024


As you have successfully completed our GDPR Certification process, you can now advertise yourself as a GDPR
Certified Barrister by displaying our badge on your email signature, your LinkedIn profile, your website or anywhere else you think it might be relevant.

This Certification badge shows you have undertaken specialist data protection training, achieved a high level of competence in a GDPR exam and have an in-depth understanding of data protection requirements.

Briefed may wish to congratulate those who achieve this Certification, with a social media post. If you would prefer us not to mention you at all, please contact us by emailing

Terms of Badge Usage

Briefed encourages the use of the Quality Mark for promotional purposes, but all Briefed certified individuals wishing to use the Quality Mark must do so in accordance with our terms and conditions. Those that require guidance or clarification as to how it may be used should email

GDPR Certification for Barristers