Health & Wellbeing
A collection of Health & Wellbeing modules promoting the importance of mental and physical health.

These courses address the daily challenges that individuals in the legal field face and aim to increase awareness of the potential impact on their mental and physical health. The modules also provide practical strategies to help individuals cope and help colleagues with health issues commonly experienced in this profession.

Our portfolio includes:

Why Choose Training with Briefed?

Written by Experts: Our Health & Wellbeing training modules are sector-specific, written by barristers.

 Real-Life Examples: Each course includes real-life examples from businesses, chambers, and law firms, enhancing the learning experience on our interactive eLearning platform.

Digital Resources: Access downloadable resources that come with our courses as part of our offering.

Certificate upon Completion: Users who complete a course receive a certificate demonstrating compliance, which can be printed or stored digitally.

CPD Hours: Our courses can count towards your yearly professional development requirements.

Updated Annually: All content in our AML & Sanctions modules is updated annually by our team of in-house barristers with the latest regulatory changes, so learners get the most up-to-date information.

Health and Wellbeing Portfolio

Training Courses

Explore 5 Health & Wellbeing training courses

Workplace Pregnancy Loss Training
Workplace Pregnancy Loss Training
Managing Stress at the Bar
Managing Stress at the Bar
Mental Health Awareness Training
Mental Health Awareness Training
Workplace Menopause Training
Workplace Menopause Training
Vicarious Trauma Training
Vicarious Trauma Training

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