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We offer a range of compliance toolkit solutions

Why Choose Briefed?

We are a team of experienced barristers who specialise in helping businesses meet legal, governance and regulatory requirements. Our collective experience has allowed us to provide successful assistance to more than 1000 organisations.


Our Compliance Toolkit Solutions

Compliance Policy Templates

Whether you are a self-employed barrister, manage a medical practice, or work within any other organisation, we have the resources to help you develop a comprehensive compliance programme.


If you would like to conduct a quick, cost-effective assessment of your current data protection compliance levels, a self-led GDPR audit can help your organisation to identify where to start.

Business Risk Assessment

In a few short questions, our quick and simple data protection risk assessment can provide you with a instant overview of your organisation's current level of risk.

What our clients say


We’ve done all the necessary compliance training, and behind that are all the policies, procedures and documents we need to prove we are adopting best practice. One of the major attractions to Briefed was that the GDPR resources were created by barristers.

Vincent Denham, Chambers Director


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