Honesty Box Initiative

A method of paying only what you can afford using the honour system

Why we created the Honesty Box Initiative

We understand that charities and voluntary groups don’t often have the same budgets as corporate organisations to access high quality training and advice from barristers.

Consequently, they are often forced to use tick box educational programmes – or skip training their teams completely.

Neither option protects the charity properly, and leaves them exposed to significant risk.

Briefed want to help.

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How can the Honesty Box Initiative help you?

We can help charities protect their data – at a budget they can afford!

Industry Training

As GDPR training is a regulatory requirement, we provide different levels of eLearning courses tailored to the amount of personal data each individual processes. This ensures every staff member is up to date with their compliance.

Affordable Honour System

We know that charities and voluntary groups don’t often have the same budgets as corporate businesses therefore we only ask you pay what you can afford - The Honesty Box.

Ongoing Support

We can offer ongoing barrister support, guidance and advice on any data protection issues that arise including policy review, potential data breaches, subject access requests or general advice on how to mitigate certain risks.

Step 1

Identify how many people need to receive training for your charity.

Step 2

Offer what your charity can afford to pay via the Honesty Box.

Step 3

We ensure all people within the charity are trained to the correct standard.

Step 4

As a result, risks of data breaches, fines and complaints are reduced.

Why do charities need compliance training?

It is crucial to protect your employee and client data whether you are in the public sector, the private sector, or the third sector.

But protection is especially important for charities as they face significant risk exposure if employees or volunteers mismanage data.

Any data breach would impact on your current business relationships and potentially lead to difficulties in securing additional funding.

The overall impact would likely restrict the charity’s ability to provide the same level of social value and we know from our experience of working with clients in this sector that these potential threats can detract from the good work charities do.

We are uncomfortable that charitable organisations who do so much good work are unable to access high quality training for their volunteers and employees simply because they can’t afford it.

Our Honesty Box Campaign gives charities the opportunity to access the expertise of our team of barristers and benefit from high quality training and compliance support at a cost that fits their budget.

Orlagh Kelly, Barrister and Briefed CEO

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