B Corp Certification

One of the most popular ways for businesses to demonstrate a high level of achievement in the environmental, social, and governance space is by becoming a certified B Corporation.

With over 2,000 B Corps now certified in the UK, B Corp is a global movement for businesses that want to legally consider the impact of their business decisions on their staff, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

This certification is widely recognised as an indicator that a business acts as a force for good and positively benefits the people and planet around them.

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Helping Taylor Yates in achieving their B Corp certification 

We supported Taylor Yates in their B Impact Assessment (BIA) and ensured they met the substantial legal requirements for achieving the certification.

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Positive Environmental Impact

B Corps are committed to creating a positive impact on society and addressing pressing global challenges such as climate change, income inequality, and resource depletion.

Motivated Employees

Companies have seen staff engagement scores improve as their employees are passionate about the same causes within the B Corp philosophy.

Marketing and PR

You can share your B Corp certification on your website, social media platforms, packaging, press content and more.

Improved Brand Reputation

B Corps can enhance their brand reputation, attracting conscious consumers who value ethical and sustainable business practices.

Changing your business for the better 

To become B Corp certified, a business must undergo a rigorous assessment process known as the B Impact Assessment (BIA), which measures various aspects of a company's operations in five key categories and they must be able to evidence these.

1. Governance

The governance category evaluates companies' social and environmental impact, ethics, and legal transparency. Companies must demonstrate a commitment to protecting their mission by incorporating legal requirements that embed a stakeholder-focused mindset that separates B Corps from other businesses.

2. How your company treats its workers

This category focuses on how a company supports its employees, including areas such as financial security, health and safety, employee wellness, career development, and satisfaction.

3. Your impact on the community

Companies are evaluated on their impact on the community, including diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, economic impact, community engagement, and supply chain practices.

4. Your impact on the environment

This category assesses a company's environmental management practices and their overall impact on the environment.

5. Your customers

The final category evaluates a company's relationship with its customers, including the quality of products and services, ethical marketing practices, data privacy and security, and feedback mechanisms.

Briefed | Your B Corp certification partner

Earning B Corp status demonstrates your commitment to social and environmental good. But navigating the B Impact Assessment (BIA) and legal aspects can be complex. Briefed can be your trusted partner, streamlining the entire process.

Our in-house barristers will support you with:

  • B Corp Certification Support: We help you complete the B Impact Assessment and earn a reviewed minimum score of 80 out of 200 points. 
  • Corporate Infrastructure: We can also advise on determining the best path for your corporate structure and help make it official, including evidencing the documentation and polices required to certify.
  • Resources: We provide resources to help you understand how best to answer the assessment questions and gather necessary data.

By handling the process, Briefed gives you peace of mind, so you can concentrate on your core business and achieving a high B Impact Assessment score.

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Achieve B Corp Certification 

At Briefed, we have developed a three-stage process that has successfully addressed the challenges many businesses face at the start of their B Corp journey.

Stage 1

We start the B Corp assessment together, helping you understand all the questions in the BIA, how to provide evidence and get you ready to start stage two.

Stage 2

We deliver an impact improvement plan and help you evidence your processes with supporting documentation and policies.

Stage 3

We prepare you for your submission progress, support you with any feedback from B Lab and help you market your new B Corp status.


The team [at Briefed] were a great help from taking us through the initial online process to helping us with our legal requirements and supporting documentation.

They were a fantastic partner to work with.

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