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Helping  Taylor Yates in achieving their B Corp Certification 

Making a positive impact 

In today's business landscape, being socially responsible and environmentally conscious is no longer just a trend, but a necessity. 

The B Corp Movement has emerged as a beacon of light for businesses looking to positively impact society and the planet.

One such company that has embraced this philosophy is Taylor Yates, a luxury handbag company based in Northern Ireland. Taylor Yates recently achieved B Corp certification, joining an exclusive group of businesses dedicated to high social and environmental performance standards.

Completing the B Corp certification signifies to the world that a business prioritises its employees, the quality of its products and its impact on the planet, and demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and ethical and sustainable business practices.

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Becoming B Corp certified 

To become B Corp Certified, Taylor Yates underwent a rigorous assessment process known as the B Impact Assessment, which measures various aspects of a company's operations in five key categories.

1. Governance

The governance category evaluates companies' social and environmental impact, ethics, and legal transparency. Companies must demonstrate a commitment to protecting their mission by incorporating legal requirements that embed a stakeholder-focused mindset that separates B Corps from other businesses.

2. How your company treats its employees

This category focuses on how a company supports its employees, including areas such as financial security, health and safety, employee wellness, career development, and satisfaction.

3. Your impact on the community

Companies are evaluated on their impact on the community, including diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, economic impact, community engagement, and supply chain practices.

4. Your impact on the environment

This category assesses a company's environmental management practices and their overall impact on the environment.

5. Your customers

The final category evaluates a company's relationship with its customers, including the quality of products and services, ethical marketing practices, data privacy and security, and feedback mechanisms.

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Joining an exclusive group of B Corps 

The mother-daughter duo of Karen and Ellen Yates have centred themselves around family values, social responsibility and sustainability, and they believed that taking on B Corp certification was the obvious next step in reinforcing their already responsible entity. 

“It’s been on our to-do list for a long time, we operate as a responsible business and have done since the start.

“In our view B-Corp is currently the best-in-class companies who are verified by B Lab that meet high standards of social responsibility, environmental stewardship, transparency, and accountability striving to make a better impact on the world.”

Certification offers an opportunity for businesses to gather evidence of their dedication to improving social impact, document and organise their findings and begin to measure their impact from a social value and environmental standpoint.

With certification comes business advantage and Taylor Yates demonstrates to their stakeholders that they are always going the extra mile.

“We are in good company with Rituals, Grind, Boatyard Gin and just over 2000 other companies across the UK.

We hope customers will come to recognise our most challenging problems cannot be solved by governments and nonprofits alone. By harnessing the power of business, B Corps commit to positively impact all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet.”

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Prevailing with Briefed's support 

For a small team, the certification process can be a huge undertaking, especially alongside the daily task of keeping a business going. However, Taylor Yates committed themselves fully from the beginning.

They identified areas where extra support would be required, instructing the help of Briefed in dealing with all legal requirements and policy queries that was required. Our team of in-house barristers successfully guided them through the extensive B Corp questionnaire, identified gaps in their compliance, and suggested remediation steps.

In turn, they were able to continue their assessment and achieve B Corp certification in a shorter time frame.

“We knew as a small business that there would be areas of the certification that would require more work than others and there would be questions that we couldn't answer at this stage of growth. The team [at Briefed] were a great help from taking us through the initial online process to helping us with our legal and compliance requirements. They were a fantastic partner to work with.

It was hugely rewarding for everyone in the team to see how far along we are in our responsible business journey and the impact we've had so far. It has given us clarity on the path forward and feels like the perfect way to demonstrate what we set out to do since the launch of Taylor Yates - to build a responsible business that gives back as it grows,

a company with a beautiful purpose.”

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A thank you from Taylor Yates  

As part of our partnership in helping them achieve their B Corp certification, Taylor Yates is offering an exclusive online discount for all Briefed clients. Simply use the code Briefed20 to avail of this offer. 

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