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Preventing browser compatibility issues

If you are unable to view your Briefed training, this is usually due to an issue with the settings in your browser and may display as the following error: ‘MissingKeyMissingKey-Pair ID query parameter or cookie value‘.

Firstly, please ensure that you are using the latest version of your chosen browser. If you have the latest version installed and the problem persists, you can try using an alternative browser, or follow the steps bellow to correct this.


Google Chrome

1. Find the menu symbol and click on Settings.
2. In the Privacy and security section, select Cookies and other site data.
3. Make sure you Allow all cookies.

Safari (Mac)

1. Click Safari and choose Preferences.
2. Go to the Privacy tab.
3. In the Cookies and website data section, unctick Block all cookies and also make sure that Prevent cross-site tracking is unchecked.

Safari (iOS)

1. On your iPhone or iPad, click Settings.
2. On the left-hand panel, choose Safari.
3. In the Privacy & Security section, untick Block Cookies and also make sure that Prevent cross-site tracking is unchecked.

Microsoft Edge

1. Click the menu symbol and choose Settings.
2. In the Advanced settings section, click View advanced settings.
3. From the Cookies drop-down list, choose Don’t block cookies.

Internet Explorer

1. Click the gear symbol and choose Internet Options.
2. Go to the Privacy tab.
3. Click Advanced.
4. On the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box, check Override automatic cookie handling.
5. On the First-party Cookies section, check Accept.
6. On the Third-party Cookies section, check Accept.
7. Check Always allow session cookies.
8. Click Ok.
9. Click Ok again and restart the browser.


If the problem persists, please contact your IT team in the first instance to see if they are aware of any settings on your device or browser which may be causing the issue. If no issue can be found, please contact hello@getbriefed.com.

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