Are Barristers Technically Gifted but Emotionally Unprepared? With James Pereira KC

Duration: 53 mins

In this episode, Orlagh is joined by practising barrister at Francis Taylor Buildings and certified exec coach, James Pereira KC.

James was called to the Bar in 1996 and incurred rapid success in his early career, where he won multiple awards and went on to take Silk at the young age of 42.

It was then that James was exposed to many personal challenges that high performing professionals encounter, where he would eventually succumb to burn out – personified by a physical collapse in 2014.

After availing of therapy and coaching to get himself back on the right track, he decided to train in these disciplines, enabling him to offer the services that had helped him so much in his recovery

James was kind enough to speak at our Leadership and Wellbeing conference, where he looked at the life of high performing professionals in 3 key areas – technical skills, relationships and presence.

Listen now as he dives further into some of these principles, discussing what happens when our lifelong values collide with concrete workplace cultures, what should motivate barristers to show up for their career, aside from money and the relationship between barristers, and the cases that connect them.

You can find out more about James' Exec coaching here: The Libra Partnership

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