Reimagining the Chambers Model with Stephen Ward

Duration: 47 mins

"We were labelled the virtual chambers when we started."

In this episode, Orlagh is joined by the Co-Founder and Business Development Director of The Barrister Group, Stephen Ward.

Stephen entered the chambers world in 1983 as a young junior clerk then labelled "The Boy" - his mission was to help chambers run as smooth as possible and effectively learn the trade that was clerking.

In the present day, Stephen is now an instrumental part of a team that has transformed the way that chambers operation is viewed. With the birth and success of The Barrister Group, Stephen and his colleagues have created one of the biggest and most accessible chambers in the UK.

Listen now as they discuss:

  • The true meaning of being a clerk
  • The birth of The Barrister Group (formerly Clerksoom)
  • Fusing the Chambers and Business models
  • Expanding pupillage opportunity

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