Has technology become the main foundation of clerking? with Martin Secrett

Duration: 53 mins

In this episode, Orlagh is joined by former Chambers Director and long-standing Senior Clerk, Martin Secrett from 9BR Chambers.

Martin began his career in the clerks' room when chambers was a different place. No technology was available and members relied solely on conversations with their clerks to manage their practice and acquire work for the coming days.

With modern advancements in technology now firmly integrated, the physical landscape of chambers has changed for good. However, the principle of clerking has not - its foundations remain built upon communication, strong relationships and goodwill. But, does technology outweigh this?

40 years after beginning, Martin reflects on a decorated clerking career spanning multiple chambers and roles, from Senior Clerk at QEB Hollis Whiteman to his final post as Chambers Director at 9BR Chambers, where he now operates on a consultancy basis.

Martin has learned from his experiences with the criminal justice system that it is suffering in several ways. As a result of consistent underfunding, retention struggles at the criminal bar, and disparities between courtrooms, the future of the system looks unstable, as it seems unable to cope with the increasing number of cases.

In this episode, Orlagh and Martin discuss:

- The rudimentary practices of mid-80s Chambers
- The Criminal Justice System's trials and tribulations
- His advice to those at the beginning of their clerking journey

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