LOCS:23 Post-Pilot Interview with CEO of Briefed, Orlagh Kelly

Duration: 15 mins

In this webinar, you can listen to the LOCS:23 certification body, ADISA's CEO,  Steve Mellings and Orlagh Kelly (CEO of Briefed) discuss the LOCS:23 auditing process.

They discuss: 

  • What is LOCS:23?
  • The importance of the Pilot scheme for the certification
  • The legal sector's current position on GDPR compliance - is it being taken seriously?
  • The value of LOCS:23 for those in the legal services sector
  • The marketspace for GDPR compliance - is it still too tied to marketeers?
  • GDPR as a business enabler as opposed to an inhibitor
  • LOCS:23 as a roadmap for GDPR compliance