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GDPR Gap Analysis

We'll help you find the gaps

Our team of barristers will work with your organisation and its various departments to assess your level of GDPR compliance, conduct an analysis of your operations and identify any gaps in data security.

How can your organisation benefit from a Gap Analysis? 

• Gain a clear understanding of your organisation's current GDPR compliance status.

• Benefit from the expertise of experienced data protection consultants.

• Identify any areas of non-compliance or weaknesses in your current processes.

• Reduce the risk of data breaches and potential fines from the ICO.

• Receive a friendly and helpful assessment of your organisation's GDPR compliance.

• Reduce the workload for in-house employees and DPO leads.

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Why Choose Briefed?

GDPR Analysis and Consultation

Our team will collaborate with your senior management and engage with critical departments, such as HR, Sales, Marketing and IT to comprehensively understand your current processes and existing policies.

Documentation Review

As part of our Gap Analysis, we will review all relevant documents, policies, procedures, and processes to assess your current compliance with GDPR. Upon completion, we will provide a set of template policies that include both those which are legally required and best practice.

Compliance Report and Actionable Plan

Following our analysis and document review, we will provide you with a report that will outline your compliance level, highlight any recommendations on how to improve your existing practices and suggest a set of clear and prioritised actions using a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status.

Compliance areas we cover:

  • Policies and Registers
  • General Practices
  • Internal Processes
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Retention and Disposal
  • Third Party and International Data Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

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