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30 Park Place, Wales
The Brief

Ensuring that members receive the highest level of GDPR compliance training. At a time and place that works for them best.

People first

30 Park Place is the largest chambers in Wales, with its members regularly instructed in some of the most high-profile and complex cases in Wales and England.

A ‘people first’ chambers, it has become synonymous with providing outstanding advocacy, written work and client care. Across a multi-disciplinary portfolio of civil, criminal and family law.

Progressive and receptive, it is a place that has pushed the boundaries like no other. As many women as men now work the chambers, new technology adopted and flexible working encouraged.

30 Park Place

Compliance is everything

In chambers, confidential data must be protected at all costs and appropriate systems introduced to prevent breaches and secure trust. 30 Park Place recognised that failure to comply with the law surrounding GDPR and online security could not only prove costly, but the consequences potentially catastrophic.

Compliance and training are the bedrock upon which everything operates. Bywords for trust, security and protection.

Phillip Griffiths, senior clerk at 30 Park Place, explains,
“As an administration, we needed a system that ensured all processes and training was the same for everyone in the chambers. So, we amended our constitution to make it compulsory for each member to undertake the training that the chambers saw fit.”

Philip Griffiths

Training and task lists

The chambers receive a significant number of instructions, particularly from local authorities requiring the very highest level of compliance. 30 Park Place approached Briefed to fulfil their needs and protect their business.

Kayleigh Jefferies, lead civil and public law clerk at the chambers, commented,

We took out an audit with Briefed that alerted us to potential downfalls. The result was a task list, which we found a huge benefit and invaluable for our barristers – and wasn’t something that other training providers offered.”

Through meticulous and consistent training, awareness of data breach danger has been upgraded and barristers all now adhere to the same processes and protocols. Significantly, if chambers can prove they’ve done everything possible to provide the right training, it is unlikely that they will be fined.

“If you give people really great training they they understand, that value seeps right back into the business, in that the business is protected.”

– Kayleigh Jefferies, Lead Civil and Public Law Clerk

Kayleigh Jeffries

Fully Briefed

Training provided by Briefed is easily accessible and well-targeted. Each barrister can complete the annual training by themselves, online and according to their availability. A godsend for those trying to coordinate the diaries of time-pressed individuals.

Such training is compulsory under this chambers’ constitution, giving clients assurance that GDPR policies are not just a paper exercise, but are actually woven throughout the business.

Policy templates provided by Briefed ensure insurance is easier to obtain, cementing trust between the chambers and its clients. Demonstration of GDPR compliance is also invaluable during negotiations with potential clients or institutions.

A notable advantage.

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