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5 Paper Buildings, London
The Brief

To provide members with outstanding training in relation to data privacy and GDPR compliance.

Data secure, today and tomorrow

5PB accepts instructions from a diverse range of clients, including solicitors, government departments, in-house and foreign lawyers as well as prosecuting authorities.

As the chambers opens to the future, the potential for personal data breaches become ever more present. Simple errors can lead to investigations, fines and even criminal proceedings.

Client care and protection of personal data is paramount. The chambers turned to Briefed to fulfil their GDPR and cybersecurity training. To secure today and the future.

5 Paper Buildings

Training mistakes away

Briefed were approached by Andrew Ross, Chambers Business Manager, to provide members with high quality training in data protection and compliance. Helping them to safeguard and secure information on their own equipment. Reduce the risk of unnecessary mistakes. Offer up expert, up-to-speed knowledge that every member in the chambers could easily follow.

“We wanted no chink in our data protection armour.”

5 Paper Buildings

Fully Briefed

Briefed training in privacy & data to all chambers members has preserved client trust and enhanced its hard-earned reputation.

"We are no longer worried about fines or vulnerability in terms of client care,’ says Andrew.

‘We know our members are trained to the highest level, which brings a reassurance that they are educated in how to be safe with personal data.”

5 Paper Buildings