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The Brief

To implement GDPR compliance training for members alongside educational and cultural good behavioural practices.

A change for the better

Serle Court is a paradigm of excellence.

Both professionally and organisationally, long-standing clients expect nothing less. Alongside outstanding service, they expect solid IT capability, an appetite for sustainability, meaningful equality and diversity initiatives and robust GDPR procedures and protocols.

This throws down the gauntlet to Chambers. Culturally, barristers wish to retain their sense of autonomy and change can take them out of their comfort zone.

But as Chambers Director, Kathryn Purkis, explains,

“Chambers absolutely must constantly improve and innovate to keep ahead. We must be in a position to seize opportunities for growth, then progress.”

So, change is a given. But it need not be overnight. It should be well considered and carried out in the right way by the right people. It must enhance the Chambers’ offering rather than diluting it.

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Best practices

GDPR was a crucial area, ripe for consideration in terms of whether there were holes to be plugged, or practices and behaviours to be enhanced.

Briefed was approached by Serle Court not only to provide online GDPR compliance training for members, but to future-proof the organisation as new developments spring up across the legal landscape.

Areas like diversity & inclusion and sustainability needed to be carefully considered.

And as regulators supply more oversight to Chambers, the stakes are only going to rise higher. Mistakes will be costly and potentially lead to dire consequences.

“We wanted compliance training that was ahead of the curve. Helping us to stay at the top of our game.”

– Chambers Director, Kathryn Purkis

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Fully Briefed

The rollout of Briefed’s online compliance training formed a key part of how Chambers management was able to tighten data security, enabling clients to enjoy a strong level of confidence that their personal data is safe and secure, and meet their expectations for a set such as this.

Educational and cultural behaviours will naturally take longer to embed. Cultivating a way of thinking and behaving in members isn’t simply about ticking a box and forgetting about it for a year. It is a long-term objective that will take more time to mature.

Even so, the organisation believes that good behavioural attitudes will become part of the living, breathing working practices within Chambers.

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