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Temple Tax Chambers, London
The Brief

To provide regulatory GDPR compliance training for staff and members in order to prevent data breaches and minimise risk.

Work together, thrive together

The Chambers ethos of ‘Work together, thrive together’ is interwoven into the fabric of the entire business.

Barristers and the clerks’ team are approachable, accessible, and commercially minded, eager to work collaboratively with clients to order to foster long-lasting relationships. Reassurance and trust are cornerstones of these relationships. In particular, protecting client data and minimising risk are of paramount concern.

By providing training and resources in GDPR compliance and data protection, the Chambers and their clients would feel confident that best practice was followed and secure processes put in place.

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Meeting of minds

Lucy Campbell, Deputy Senior Clerk, explains that they chose Briefed to fulfil their training needs and legal obligations through consideration of a similar mindset and shared ethos:

“It was important to the Chambers that their values intersected with those of their chosen provider. We wanted a team that could provide exemplary GDPR compliance training, but who were also friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable.”

Progressive and future-facing, Temple Tax Chambers continue to seek ways to further their knowledge, minimise risk and provide an inclusive, secure and fair place of work.Knowing that it all starts with training staff and members to the highest standard.

“We wanted to keep our data safe. So, we chose a safe pair of hands.” 

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Fully Briefed

The online nature of Briefed training enabled members and staff to complete training at a time that was convenient to them. A huge business advantage in a fast-paced, time-poor environment. Modules are easy to understand and simple to navigate. Everything is broken down into manageable sections.

Additionally, training is interesting and relevant. Practical tips and suggestions from barristers to barristers keeps it relatable. Real-life Chambers examples are used throughout.

Temple Tax Chambers is now able to demonstrate to clients that they are GDPR compliant, offering reassurance that data is safe and well-protected.

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