LOCS:23 | Liverpool Law Society

LOCS:23 | Liverpool Law Society

Time & Date:19th June @10am

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In February 2024, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) approved an official GDPR certification standard, LOCS:23. This new standard has been specifically developed to ensure law firms, barristers’ chambers and suppliers to the legal sector meet their UK GDPR obligations, and evidence to clients that their data is properly and legally protected.

As a government-backed standard, LOSC:23 is likely to become the minimum standard of GDPR compliance expected by clients, government bodies and regulators soon.

This online course will help you understand the core requirements of LOCS:23 and the process required to implement it throughout your firm. It will be of particular benefit to delegates who are responsible for GDPR within their organisation.

Areas to be covered:

  • What is LOCS:23?
  • Why are law firms and chambers choosing to get LOCS:23 certified?
  • Mini workshop: Assess your organisation’s readiness for LOCS:23.
  • What is the process required to meet the eighty-five-page LOCS:23 standard?
  • How does LOCS:23 impact law firm and vendor due diligence requirements?
  • How to calculate the business case for embedding LCOS:23 into your organisation.

Who should attend: Privacy and data protection solicitors and barristers, Managing Partners, Senior Partners, Heads of Compliance,  DPOS, GDPR leads, Heads of IT or data security, procurement teams.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A full understand of LOCS:23 and how it may benefit your organisation.
  • An assessment of your LOCS:23 readiness
  • An understanding of how other legal businesses are dealing with the new GDPR standard.

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19th June @10am