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Start your compliance journey with a GDPR audit

Most organisations will handle the personal data of customers or employees, operate a website, or conduct marketing activities. As a result, the organisation will be required to comply with GDPR regulations and maintain a reputation of trustworthiness.

For organisations or sole traders who do not know where to start, or are looking for a quick, cost-effective approach to checking their level of risk, Briefed offers a DIY-Audit tool which you can use to assess compliance and receive an instant risk rating. 

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Assess your current position

An audit provides an overview of your organisation's current level of compliance.

Are you legally compliant?

An audit can help make sure you have the legally required policies properly implemented and adhered to.

Identify gaps

Uncover weaknesses in current internal practices which could result in a breach.

Improve awareness

By involving different teams in a self-led audit, departments will become more aware of best practice.

How can a UK GDPR DIY Audit help your business?

An audit is necessary to evaluate your current data protection level, directly detect shortcomings in your business processes, rectify them and ensure that you are legally on the right track. Being compliant not only prevents the loss of customers and some hefty fines, but also helps improve the organisation’s competitive edge and reduces the potential for data breaches.

Our DIY Audit uses technology to offer a robust and unbiased process of measuring your organisation's policies and procedures to understand your current level of risk. For those who have a good understanding of their organisation's current position, the DIY Audit can be completed within one hour and will offer you an instant action plan, highlighting any major areas of risk based on your responses.

Our GDPR Gap Analysis

If your organisation has several employees, departments or complex requirements, it may be more appropriate to undergo Briefed's GDPR Gap Analysis. This will save you time and resources by having one of our in-house barristers conduct the audit and review on your behalf. We can also then offer templates or bespoke policies to address any identified gaps.

What's included?

  • An evaluation of current business status with GDPR compliance
  • A Briefed advisor working with your team to identify compliance gaps
  • The development of an action plan for implementation
  • Recommendation of training courses for staff
  • A review of all existing documentation and creation of new policies if needed

What our clients say

The team at Briefed have provided Lunn’s with great service. They've have provided us with the tools we need to deal with GDPR across our business.

Suzanne Lunn, Director | Lunn's 

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