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Cancer Fund for Children, Belfast
The Brief

To assist the charity in protecting their sensitive data at a budget they can afford.

A haven of support, a beacon of hope

‘No child should face cancer alone’.

A simple, profound and powerful mission statement that the Cancer Fund for Children passionately embraces.

Based in Ireland, it offers help and support to children and young people diagnosed with cancer or living with a parent with cancer. In their family home, the community, on the hospital ward and at Daisy Lodge, their support facility in Newcastle, Co. Down.

Purpose-built spaces that enable children to spend residential time away and share similar experiences with each other where young people can find some peace and normality in a world that has been turned upside down. A peaceful haven of support, hope and healing.

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Keeping sensitive data safe

Since Covid, the demand for the charity’s services has grown significantly. Along with staff and volunteer numbers. Caseloads have escalated and the amount of sensitive data swirling around snowballing.

It became clear to the charity that the need to fulfil duties stipulated by law necessitated a comprehensive, consistent, and easy-to-use approach to training. Particularly in relation to data security and GDPR.

Outsourcing training, allowing the team to concentrate on their day-to-day work, would be the ideal solution. But they knew this could be cost-prohibitive.

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The Honesty Box Initiative

Cancer for Children Fund approached Briefed through our Honesty Box Initiative. A philanthropic ambition that helps charities protect their data at a budget that they can actually afford. Briefed provides top-quality training for staff at different levels in order to reduce the risk of data breaches and the daunting consequences.

Phil Alexander CEO explains, “If we can keep ourselves safer in terms of GDPR, it means we are more robust to execute and facilitate the service we provide.”

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