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Three New Square, London
The Brief

Assisting all members and staff in their knowledge and understanding of the current requirements set down
by the BSB.

Keeping up to speed

A specialist set like Three New Square cannot afford to drag its heels with regard to fulfilling its obligations on regulatory matters.

At the same time, busy barristers and multi-tasking staff cannot afford to spend precious hours embroiled in complicated BSB requirements that eat up their day. Nick Hill, Senior Clerk, recognised that employing external experts for training would save them time, money and people power.

“It’s important that we are able to understand the current requirements set down by the BSB, strengthening the regulatory reputation of Three New Square. Everyone needs to be kept up to speed without it impacting on our resources.”

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Tailored training

Nick approached Briefed to assist members and staff with quick, easy to understand online training that fulfils all the BSB requirements. A one-stop-shop for all essential GDPR and compliance support. He explains: “Briefed were first to the market, and we’ve always felt in safe hands. Their expertise as barristers means they are best placed to provide knowledge, understanding and training to other barristers. Briefed knows how Chambers operate.“ Importantly, one size of training does not fit all. Our portfolio of training modules is tailored to suit relevance in terms of position, tasks and responsibilities.

“Briefed understands and make allowances for the difference between clerks, members and staff. Training is tailored accordingly.”

Nicholas hill

Ear to the ground, eye to the future

Nick notes that Briefed have their ear to the ground and are in constant contact with regulatory bodies. 

“They’re keeping an eye on what the regulatory requirements are, which relieves us of that burden, and come to us quickly with solutions”

When something new comes up, such as anti-racism training, this can be added seamlessly to our training portfolio. Keeping everyone not just up to speed, but one step ahead.

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