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Dauntsey’s School, Wiltshire
The Brief

To assist the school in meeting its compliance obligations with regard to the newly introduced GDPR requirements.

Mind the gap

The introduction of new GDPR requirements in 2018 presented numerous demanding challenges for Dauntsey's School.

Protecting and handling pupil data safely is, of course, paramount in maintaining the school’s outstanding reputation. However, Dauntsey’s were not particularly well versed in regulatory compliance and staff found their new obligations soporific and overly complex.

Jane Upton, Head of HR, explained, "We needed someone to help us make sense of these complicated requirements. Provide us with clear guidance and attainable progress." 

Jane approached Briefed to assist in their preparations for the new regulations and a comprehensive GDPR Gap Analysis and report was completed.


School report

An initial detailed phone discussion took place between Briefed and key staff, who would be involved in ensuring that Dauntsey’s would be GDPR compliant-ready.

A comprehensive and very clear report was provided, taking the school step-by-step through where they were in regards to compliance and what work still needed to be tackled.

The report included concise definitions of all the key terms and provided eighteen extremely helpful recommendations in an easy-to-access action plan

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A lesson in clarity

Following on from the initial report, another telephone meeting was conducted to ensure that staff had responded well to Briefed recommendations and any lingering questions could be aired.

Jane continues, “All our queries were answered along with lots of helpful advice as well as the reassurance that we were making good progress. Particularly helpful were the template documents for the key policies required for us to use to become GDPR compliant.”

The often labyrinthian GDPR requirements were clarified and the school is now more confident that it is up-to-date with its data privacy and safeguarding obligations.

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Dauntsey’s School, Wiltshire, England.
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