Our Work / Document Direct, Wirral & Dublin.

Document Direct, Wirral & Dublin.
The Brief

To independently assess procedures and documentation relating to GDPR as well as providing tailored training to all members of staff in data management and data protection to ensure adherence to all aspects of GDPR.

Confidentiality is crucial

The need for confidentiality and security in dealing with sensitive legal and medical documents is paramount. Clients need to feel confident that outsourced services adhere to best practices and that their documents are in safe, trusted hands.

Document Direct has a very robust and effective system in place to safeguard all data along with a review process for ongoing improvement.

However, the GDPR landscape is fast shifting, and an independent assessment of their data security structures was deemed imperative in keeping up to speed with new threats and issues. Training for staff represented an important element in being fully cognisant of the risk of data breaches.

“Briefed are clear leaders in the area of GDPR and, as a company, we feel safe and secure in their hands.”

– Martyn Best, CEO, Document Direct

Martyn best DD

Fully Briefed

Further reassurance to clients that their data is safe and protected is a huge business benefit to the company.

Additionally, identification of gaps in the training of team members with regard to GDPR has bolstered procedures and documentation.

The whole team is now fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Each individual who successfully completed their training was authorised to utilise the Briefed ‘GDPR Trained Professional’ logo in their signature block.  A clear demonstration to clients of an unswerving committed to data security and protection.

As issues around cyber security and data management/protection become more omnipresent in today’s world, Briefed provides an important safety net for many outsourced business services.