Our Work / KCH Garden Square, Nottingham & Leicester, England.

KCH Garden Square, Nottingham & Leicester, England.
The Brief

To provide GDPR training for staff and members that is not just effective and easy to understand, but most importantly, relevant to their profession.

Handled with care

Client care is paramount.

Ensuring that every client receives the best standard of practice is interwoven into the firm’s DNA. In order to show how seriously the Chambers take client care and the handling of sensitive data, it decided to embark on a training process for all staff and members.

In particular, GDPR compliance s hugely important and consistent training needed to come from an experienced and trusted provider. But a Chambers is not your typical corporate organisation. It has nuances and distinctions that make it a particular beast.

KCH Garden Square required someone who understand the legal profession intimately.

KCH Garden Chambers

Training made easy

Hannah Scothern is the Chief Operating Officer at KCH Garden Square, responsible for all aspects of Chambers’ operational management. Her role encompasses the firm’s regulatory and legal compliance requirements.

Hannah initially approached Briefed for GDPR Certification. This has now been expanded to include additional training across other issues, including Diversity and Inclusion.

She explains, GDPR compliance training was presented in an easy to understand format within a user friendly and easily accessible portal. We have now been able to build up the portfolio of training that we provide to our staff and members with a comprehensive training course bundle.”

“For barristers, by barristers.”

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Fully Briefed

Briefed training is distinct.

It stands apart from other providers because it is totally relevant to the legal industry. Created by Barristers, for Barristers. Staff and members are provided with examples that fully chime with them as they carry out their day-to-day business.

The wording used is the wording that the legal profession uses.

Time for completion is short as Briefed recognises how hard-pressed individuals can be. The portal and training modules are easy to navigate and simple to understand.

Hannah concludes, “Chambers management can involve spinning a lot of plates. So, to know that certifications will automatically come back round to complete or that it is very easy to enrol new staff, pupils or members, is very reassuring.”

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