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Anti-Money Laundering

Designed primarily with clerks and chambers staff in mind, covering all you need to know on complying with required Anti-Money Laundering practices.

In the legal sector, no solicitor, barrister, or clerk is safe from the threat of financial crime in today’s world. Each year, an estimated £100 billion of ‘dirty money’ passes through the UK, with criminals targeting legal professionals to aid them in their attempt to launder money.

By completing this training, you will develop an understanding of money laundering, how to identify it, and, crucially, how to avoid falling victim to it.

Too often, anti-money laundering checks are assumed to be the responsibility of the instructing solicitor, however, barristers and chambers are equally responsible for carrying out their own checks.

What will you learn?

After completing this course, you will:

  • Have an increased awareness of the money laundering process.
  • Be able to identify warning signs and red flags of money laundering.
  • Understand the main money laundering and ‘connected’ criminal offences.
  • Understand the requirements in carrying out risk assessments.
  • Understand the three stages of client due diligence.

Who is this course for?

Barristers and chambers' employees who want to:

  • Increase their knowledge of the money laundering process and how to identify it in a legal environment.
  • Gain awareness of money laundering offences and how they affect barristers, clerks and chambers alike.
  • Learn practical steps to take when money laundering offences are suspected.
  • Understand assessing risk in relation to money laundering and the due diligence process when assessing clients.

What are the consequences of failing to comply with Anti-Money Laundering requirements?

  • Reputational Damage – Long-standing clients may choose to take their business elsewhere.
  • Prosecution – For the most serious cases, individuals may face up to 14 years imprisonment.
  • Unlimited Fines – You may be heavily fined if you don’t comply with anti-money laundering practices.

This module forms part of the Briefed Compliance and Regulations Portfolio along with:

88% of Briefed users would recommend this training to their colleagues.

£295.00 + VAT
AUDIENCE Barristers & Chambers
Duration: 1.5 - 2 Hours
Certificate: Upon Completion
CPD Hours: 2
Portfolio: Compliance & Regulatory
What Our Clients Say

"This course provides a good guide to red flags and the process that needs to be carried out to ensure the legitimacy of the client. It also outlines the actions required if you fear a lack of legitimacy of the client."

Business Development & Admin Manager

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