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GDPR Risk Assessment for Businesses

Is your business compliant with data protection legislation?

If not, you may be at high-risk of falling foul of your responsibilities.

At Briefed, we have developed a wide range of products and services to assist businesses such as yours. We work across all sectors to improve compliance with data protection laws.

Our quick and simple data protection risk assessment can help you identify your business’ current level of risk. Following the completion of these short questions, we will send you an instant report with an overview of your current risk position.

RISK Double
Reduce the risk of data breaches

By complying with GDPR, you are in a better position to protect your company from cyber attacks and data breaches.

Compliants by customers and employees

If you start to mishandle personal data of your clients and staff, they may complain to you or to third parties.

Administrative fines

The data protection authorities may find you non-compliant and can fine you.

Negative PR

Not being GDPR compliant may cause negative publicity and even lead to your business being mentioned in the press.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Not complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can have serious consequences.

We're GDPR Experts

We provide flexible data protection support offerings which guarantee exceptional value, allowing you and your staff to get on with day-to-day tasks.

This is an on-demand service where our team of barristers will be on hand to assist with:

  • Data breaches
  • Subject access requests
  • Drafting and reviewing policies
  • Implementing appropriate training
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