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Our Purpose

We help businesses reduce exposure to risk and increase employee effectiveness by providing expert, business-focused advice and training.

Workplace Training

We deliver effective training modules via our innovative eLearning platform, purposely designed to deliver expert, interactive and engaging content.

Advisory & Consultancy Solutions

We offer key services on GDPR, Cyber and Data Protection, with accessible support from our team of in-house barristers.

Certification Programmes

We offer a range of industry standard certification programmes, ensuring you meet all legal compliance and regulatory requirements for your organisation.

The B Hub

'B Hub' is our bespoke content platform that allows learners to easily manage their training needs and access new podcasts, webinars, case studies and much more.

Our Courses

Why Choose Briefed?


We are a team of experienced barristers who specialise in helping businesses meet legal, governance and regulatory requirements. Our collective experience has allowed us to provide successful assistance to 1000+ organisations.

Training that Works

We hate boring, tick-box compliance training. That's why we have developed engaging, interactive training with compelling real-life stories. Employees will enjoy learning, and your business will benefit from a more effective workforce.

Thoughtful Solutions

Our team of barristers will provide you with bespoke, practical and flexible solutions suited to your particular business needs, guaranteed to ensure you meet your compliance and regulatory requirements.



The ICO has approved the first official GDPR certification scheme for lawyers

The first sector-wide GDPR Certification standard approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), LOCS:23 has been specifically developed to assist and support law firms and barristers’ chambers to meet their UK GDPR obligations, and evidence to clients that their data is properly and legally protected.

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