2024 GDPR Certification for Barristers

GDPR Certification for Barristers

Designed for self-employed barristers who want an end-to-end compliance solution which uniquely combines barrister-specific training, a self-led annual audit of your practice and documentation templates.

Our barrister-specific certification is uniquely recognised by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) in its 2020 Regulatory Return as an appropriate measure of GDPR compliance.

Why Choose GDPR Certification for Barristers?

Briefed’s unique certification framework for Barristers combines  innovative compliance tools, online eLearning and live support from our in-house barrister team.

You'll have access to training and support, including:

  • GDPR Training for Barristers
  • Cyber Security for the Bar
  • GDPR Data Breach Helpline
  • Instant Auditing Tool
  • Customised Auditing Report
  • Bespoke Action Plan
  • Policy Templates Suite

This independent practice certification can be completed when it's convenient during a 12-month period and results in a barrister-specific data security certification which demonstrates to the ICO, BSB, clients and chambers that effective controls are in place.

The Briefed Directory of Certified Barristers 

Once a barrister has successfully completed the GDPR Certification, their name is listed in our Directory of Certified Barristers to demonstrate to instructing solicitors, clients and other bodies that they have implemented a framework of compliance throughout their practice. You will also receive a certificate and marketing badge as further evidence. 

What will you learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of data protection and the consequences you face if you breach GDPR regulations.
  • Know of the relevant GDPR rules and regulations and understand BSB expectations as they apply to your practice.
  • Recognise the different categories of personal data and the roles of individuals in processing data.
  • Understand the seven principles of data protection, as set out in the GDPR.
  • Gain awareness of the rights data subjects have over their personal data and know how to implement procedures outlining your management of these rights.
  • Know of actionable measures in transferring data internationally.
  • Understand the processing of Subject Access Requests.
  • Recognise data breaches and 'near misses' and the steps you can take to mitigate against them.

Our training comes equipped with plenty of real-life examples of breaches, risks of non-compliance and how to minimise them, with plenty of tips and tricks included throughout.

Who is this course for?

Barristers who:

  • Want a fast, effective way to meet legislative and regulatory standards.
  • Are Heads of Chambers and have increased risk and responsibility.
  • Rely on publicly funded work.
  • Work with specialised and highly regulated industries.
  • Want to remain or become competitive within their specialist area.
  • Wish to ensure robust regulatory compliance to avoid fines.
  • Are keen to protect professional reputation and practice.

87% of users said they would recommend this training to a colleague.

£495.00 + VAT
AUDIENCE Barristers & Chambers
Duration: 3 Hours
Certificate: Upon Completion
CPD Hours: 3
Portfolio: GDPR & Cyber
What Our Clients Say

"Well presented, sufficient information without being overly detailed. The examples are a good way of highlighting the regulations, the principles and the risks or damage. The templates are superb and extremely helpful.”

Barrister, College Chambers

"The Briefed Data Security Compliance Framework for Barristers training was straightforward and easy to understand - Making a ghastly topic more manageable!”

Barrister & Mediator, Queen Square Chambers

"The language of the course is very clear. The “real life” examples are well chosen to illustrate the points being made. Warnings are given in terms that cannot be ignored. Knowledge and understanding are built up in a logical way that makes the information easy to retain.”

Barrister, Henderson Chambers

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What's included in your certification?

  • GDPR & Cyber Training for Barristers
  • Access to GDPR Data Breach Helpline
  • Bespoke Action Plan
  • Compliance Policy Templates Suite
  • A GDPR Downloadable Certificate
  • A GDPR Marketing Badge
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