Pupil Supervisor Bundle

Pupil Supervisor Bundle

Are you ready for your new pupil? 

Our Pupil Supervisor Training Bundle is designed for both new and experienced supervisors who are dedicated to positively influencing the development of their pupils. It includes our ever-popular Online Pupillage Supervisor Training, which has been used by over 85 sets and 700 members.

This 8-Module training package is filled with practical advice, real-life examples, and essential modules from our EDI and Health & Wellbeing portfolios.

The goal is to provide a holistic learning experience that ensures supervisors are proficient in their role and equipped with the necessary skills for their ongoing professional development.

This training bundle includes:


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Health & Wellbeing

Who is this training designed for?

New & existing Pupil Supervisors who:

  • Wish to nurture, develop and supervise pupils
  • Are looking to engage with pupils as supervisors and assessors successfully.
  • Are seeking to support their pupils academically, professionally, and personally and reinforce the structures and formal obligations on pupils and supervisors.
£495.00 + VAT
AUDIENCE Barristers & Chambers
Duration: 8+ Hours
Certificate: Certificates provided on completion of each module
CPD Hours: 8+ Hours
Portfolio: Pupillage
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Being a Pupil Supervisor

Pupil supervisors play a crucial role in shaping the development of new barristers, and it is essential that modern supervisors possess the skills and knowledge necessary to nurture and guide pupils as they begin their journey at the Bar.

Developed in tandem with experienced supervisors, our brand-new training bundle made up of 8 modules, gives Pupil Supervisors a snapshot everything that might affect their pupils, from their health & wellbeing to equal opportunities and how to manage any issues effectively and practically.

Bar Standards Board publishes reports highlighting diversity challenges in pupillage recruitment

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