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Workplace Pregnancy Loss Training

Practical guidance for managers and colleagues of those who have suffered pregnancy or baby loss, to enable you to provide appropriate and helpful workplace support.

It is believed that approximately one out of every four pregnancies in the UK results in a loss during pregnancy or childbirth.

As an employer, the way you extend support to your employees sends a powerful message about how much your organisation values the health and wellbeing of its people. This free training module aims to explore how colleagues and managers can provide assistance to individuals who have experienced the loss of a baby, fostering an atmosphere of openness, inclusivity, and support.

What will you learn?

In absence of protection at statutory level, this training is intended to:

  • Provide organisations with guidance on how to support a colleague who has suffered pregnancy loss.
  • Empower employers to promote an empathetic culture and develop policies which are sensitive to the needs of employees going through deeply difficult personal circumstances.
  • Ensure there is a transparent Baby Loss Policy available to employees within all organisations in the UK.

Who is this course for?

This training is specifically designed for all employees and managers who are seeking to:

  • Support their colleagues who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy.
  • Create a comfortable working environment for all.
  • Acquire practical skills in order to provide meaningful assistance to individuals going through this difficult experience.

98% of Briefed users would recommend this training to their colleagues.

AUDIENCE Barristers & ChambersBusinesses
Duration: 30 Minutes
Certificate: No
CPD Hours: 1
Portfolio: Health & Wellbeing
What Our Clients Say

“It has been useful to consider how the person that has suffered the loss will be feeling and how to approach them. Before the training I probably would have avoided the subject for fear of causing them any undue upset but now I realise it is important to acknowledge their loss and take the lead from them. The training is particularly helpful because it has been written by someone who has actually experienced loss themselves.” 

Employee, Taylor Rose MW

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George's Law

This training has been developed through close collaboration with a solicitor Keeley Lengthorn, a campaigner for a new bill to be passed - George’s Law. If passed, this bill would grant statutory leave to parents who experience the loss of a child under 24 weeks.

Recognising the significant impact of pregnancy loss on individuals in the workforce, we felt compelled to make a difference and partnered with Keeley to develop Workplace Pregnancy Loss Training in the absence of this statutory protection.

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