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Unconscious Bias Training

Designed to address unconscious bias and its effects on Chambers.

Unconscious bias refers to the mental shortcuts that our minds make which can lead to unfair and incorrect judgements being made about people, which are outside of our conscious awareness or control.

Each person will have subconscious thoughts which define people into social groups and categorise those who do not belong as ‘other’. This behaviour pattern is unavoidable, but it becomes a problem when unconscious biases lead us to unfair and incorrect judgements being made about peoples talents or character, often based simply on their race, gender or physical ability.

Biases are natural, but they should not go unchallenged.

Our Unconscious Bias training has been created to explore how these types of discrimination can manifest at the Bar and aims to raise awareness of when your unconscious bias is in play and how this can negatively impact your colleagues and clients, your workplace and even your career.

What will you learn?

After completing this course, you will:

  • Know what Unconscious Bias is and how to recognise it.
  • Understand the effect unconscious biases can have on chambers.
  • Understand the legal and regulatory requirements chambers must meet in relation to unconscious bias.
  • Be able to identify various types of bias.
  • How to combat it and avoid driving away talent and potential candidates.

Who is this course for?

Barristers and Chambers who:

  • Want to tackle unconscious bias issues within chambers.
  • Want to engage with their own personal and professional self-awareness.
  • Would like to be part of creating an inclusive, diverse culture at the Bar.

90% of users said they would recommend this training to a colleague

£125.00 + VAT
AUDIENCE Barristers & Chambers
Duration: 1 Hour
Certificate: Upon Completion
CPD Hours: 1
Portfolio: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
What Our Clients Say

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training for several reasons. It expanded my understanding of unconscious bias. Prior to this training, I was unaware of the multitude of biases that exist, which was truly eye-opening. Furthermore, the training equipped me with knowledge in identifying and addressing these biases, which I believe will be immensely beneficial in both personally and professionally. Overall, it was exceptionally informative and has provided me with valuable insights that I can apply to foster more inclusive and fair environments."

Pupil, Bridging the Bar 

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Accreditation

Our EDI Accreditation offers members and staff access to five training modules. Upon completing these modules, your organisation will receive an EDI badge, which can be used to showcase your compliance to clients.

  • Anti-Bullying & Harassment
  • Anti-Racism
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Fair Recruitment
  • Unconscious Bias
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