2024 GDPR Essentials for Law Firms

GDPR Essentials for Law Firms

Designed to assist law firms' employees to understand their core GDPR responsibilities.

Given the nature of work that solicitors take on and the amount of special category information that flows through law firms daily, data protection principles are critical to these firms success.

Our in-house barristers have created an industry specific course on data protection essentials, aimed specifically at law firm employees, helping you to avoid simple data breach errors and meet the legal and regulatory requirements.

Any employee – solicitor or support staff – who is not properly trained in the requirements of the GDPR could land your practice in hot water,  leaving you facing fines, reputational damage, or even criminal charges.

There is no doubt that the continually developing data protection requirements have increased the pressure on legal practices to ensure that the vast amount of sensitive personal data in your hands is properly used, stored and safeguarded.

Our course helps you to avoid investigation from the ICO and other regulatory bodies by ensuring that team members at all levels are properly equipped to understand and meet legally required compliance standards quickly and easily.

Why Choose GDPR Essentials for Law Firms?

Given the nature of work undertaken by solicitors, and the vast amount of special category information they handle every day, regulatory compliance is a necessity within law firms. It is, however, vital that the level of data protection training completed by those handling sensitive data is fit for its purpose.

Our barrister-designed GDPR certification is an efficient, effective course that ensures you are equipped to meet legal compliance requirements and are able to evidence this to your clients.

This law firm-specific certification grants you everything you need to meet the ICO’s annual training requirements and demonstrate your continued commitment to compliance.

What you will learn?

After completing this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of data protection and the consequences that come with breaching GDPR regulations.
  • Be aware of the current legislation surrounding data protection and your obligations in handling personal information.
  • Recognise the different categories of personal data.
  • Understand the seven data protection principles set out by the GDPR.
  • Recognise both physical and electronic security measures that protect client data.

Who is this course for?

Law firm employees who:

  • Want an efficient, effective course that meets legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Want to ensure robust regulatory compliance.
  • Are keen to protect the professional reputation of their law firm.

This certification contains:

  • GDPR Training Module
  • GDPR Assessment
  • A Certificate of Completion for all users who pass the exam

98% of users said they would recommend this training to a colleague.

£95.00 + VAT
Duration: 1 Hour
Certificate: Upon Completion
CPD Hours: 1
Portfolio: GDPR & Cyber
What Our Clients Say
“The importance and procedure of GDPR guidelines and data protection was conveyed in a concise and informative matter. In particular the case study examples given at each stage in the course were instructive as to the points being made at each stage.”

Research fellow, Queens University Belfast

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