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Equality & Diversity Compliance

Equality in the workplace ensures all individuals are treated equally in status, individual rights and access to opportunity.

It is not only a matter of ethics but also directly impacts an organisation's success.

Our team of experienced barristers will work with your organisation to analyse your current position, establish processes and policies, and offer training and support to those in need, ensuring you reach the required standard of compliance.

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Talent Attraction

Attract the best members, staff and volunteers, allowing your organisation to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Corporate Reputation

Many organisations have high expectations of not only their own diversity, but also that of their suppliers.

Employee Retention

As a result of implementing an E&D strategy, staff can progress and develop their talent, experience, and skills.

Prevent Compliance Issues

Being E&D compliant can prevent serious issues such as bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Why is Equality & Diversity compliance important?

Understanding Equality and Diversity (E&D) issues is essential for organisations. It helps them take proper care of their workforce and serve clients effectively. A strong Equality and Diversity framework can prevent discrimination, bullying, and harassment, ensuring fair treatment for all staff.

A strategy for Equality and Diversity should not only comply with the law but also add value and contribute to the wellbeing of the organisation as a whole.


E&D Policy Templates

All organisations must implement various policies covering the protected characteristics of the Equality Act, which should be shared with and understood by all staff. Creating these documents can often be time-consuming and require extensive knowledge to complete.

To assist our clients, we have created a range of mandatory and best-practice templates which require minimum output and resources. These templates can be specifically tailored to different sectors, including law firms and barristers' chambers.


E&D Training

To support your legal and regulatory compliance, we offer a wide portfolio of EDI training specifically for chambers staff and barristers designed to promote flexible, self-directed e-learning, which can lead to valuable accreditation and certifications. Our EDI Accreditation includes access to five training modules and an award badge that you can use to demonstrate your EDI compliance to clients. 

What our clients say

It’s important to work with an organisation like Briefed, who are able to help us understand the current requirements set down by the BSB. We trust that Briefed will tell us what we need to offer our members and staff in terms of training. Briefed provide a one-stop shop where we receive all necessary training & support. We therefore know that everyone at 3 New Square is up to speed on everything. Briefed’s training is relevant and fulfils all the BSB requirements.

Nicholas Hill, Senior Clerk | 3 New Square  

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